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Event: Sebastopol’s Car-Free Day Celebration, Sunday, May 2, 10 am-1pm

Our goal is to get 1,000 people to downtown Sebastopol without their cars!!! We encourage you to wear green or orange and/or wear a “Car-Free today!” note or sign. Participants will receive raffle tickets for Farmers Market discount coupons, free Community Bike classes or shop time and more! Be sure to check in at the Car-Free Table! LITE/Car-Lite, Transition Sebastopol and the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market invite you, your family and friends to visit the Market and take part in the following car-lite activities:… Read More »

Drive-Less/Drive-Smart Tips #3: Minimize Cold-Starts

If you must drive, choose a car that has been driven recently, rather than the one that has been sitting.
Starting a cold car? Warm up for 30 seconds, drive gently and avoid use of heater or AC for at least 10 minutes.

Car-pool, bus, bike, walk.
Cluster errands into the same trips.
Avoid cold starts. If there’s a choice, use the engine that’s still warm.
Park where you needn’t move your car until the next drive, and can drive off with minimum maneuvering.
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