Biking The World Up Close – With Kameel Nasr

Sunday, December 18, 2011, 3pm, free Community Bikes, 4009 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa Come meet a world-class long-distance bicyclist and author of:  Bicycle Touring International: The Complete Book On Adventure Cycling Cycling The Mediterranean: Bicycle Tours In Spain, France, Italy, Greece And Beyond The World Up Close: A Cyclist's Adventures [...]

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My Favorite Recycling Center: The Legacy

Whenever I am in south Sebastopol, I take few minutes to see what’s happening at The Legacy. A volunteer based arts and crafts reuse center in the Southpoint Shopping Center near McDonald's, they accept and resell fabric - by the pound!, as well as sewing notions, yarn, hobby supplies and books. [...]

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American Idol Pulls Plug On Plastic Pollution PSA

UNDER PRESSURE FROM SPONSOR, AMERICAN IDOL PULLS PLUG ON PLASTIC PSA, Forbes Magazine, 11/8/11, Forbes reports that 11 contestants of American Idol Season 10 want you to REFUSE disposable plastic. A big time Idol sponsor – possibly Coca Cola, is objecting to the YouTube PSA. The two minute  short film created [...]

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Disposable Reading Pleasures, Part 2 – Magazines

Though I get a lot of pleasure from my big time reading habit, I seriously object to the large amount of waste the publishing industry and their advertisers create. Imagine if every periodical carried the following footer: “Please share and recycle!” and utilized recycled content paper and low impact inks. [...]

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Disposable Reading Pleasures, Part I

Paper makes up 17.3% of California’s and 16.3% of Sonoma County’s discard stream. Much of it is single use reading materials - newspapers, magazines and books. We all take this mountain of short-term gratification for granted - but it doesn’t have to be so… mountainous. With a little effort we [...]

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Class: Summer in the Edible Garden

Learn the essentials of summer garden care which will lead to successful harvests and satisfied gardeners! Energy and enthusiasm for planting the garden can be high, and with good systems for on-going care, you can keep gardening fun while enriching your understanding of the garden ecosystem. This class will include strategies for irrigation, crop fertility, pest, disease and weed control, as well as information on training and pruning, harvesting, food preservation, and seed saving.

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Still Getting Credit Card Offers?

Opt out by visiting OptOutPrescreen.com, a centralized service that accepts and processes requests to "Opt-In" or “Opt-Out” of firm offers of credit or insurance. You can also call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688). They will ask for your name, address, social security number and date of birth. If you are looking for a better credit card, take advantage of the credit card rating services like Credit.com. You can also do a web search on "credit card reviews" and "credit card comparisons" but read the fine print carefully.

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Lions In Sight – Eyeglass Collection For Reuse And Recycling

Ever wonder what to do with a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses you no longer need? Reuse and recycling options are available via 17 Lions Club International programs in the US and at least 6 in other countries. The official Western US Lions Club International Recycling Center is located in Vallejo, CA.

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Eyeglass Reuse – Santa Rosa

First, ask your eye care provider if they take part in an eyeglass reuse and recycling program. If the answer is no, ask why. There is no reason why undamaged eyeglasses should end up in the trash! If need be, you can mail them to Lions In Sight, 1404 Lemon St, Vallejo, [...]

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Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition Welcomes New ED

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition welcomes new Executive Director, Gary Helfrich (snipped from www.bikesonoma.org)Gary has been involved with bicycles since crashing into the garage in 1961 after his grandfather launched him down the driveway shouting, “training wheels are for sissies!” Despite this early setback, he became involved in the bicycle industry [...]

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