Wear No Evil

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD WITH YOUR WARDROBE Book by Greta Eagan, Running Press, 2014, Reviewed by Joyce C., Hutchinson Public Library, July 2014 Have you ever wondered, "How can I inherently do good while looking good?" Wear No Evil has the answer, and is the timely handbook for navigating [...]

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Event: Waste Less Food Meet-Up, 5/14/14

Forty Percent of US Food Wasted! $165 Billion Annually; $2,275 Per Family. A 15% reduction in losses in the food supply could feed 25 million Americans annually. - NRDC 2012. Join us for the next Zero Waste Sonoma County (ZWSC) Waste Less Food  Meet-up,  Wednesday, May 14, 6-8pm at the [...]

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Is Your Life Too Plastic? Bag It Movie Review and Much More

The film  Bag It changed my life and watching it will change yours. It takes the plastic issue to another level - even for those of us who have studied it in depth. A well made and funny documentary, it starts with personal bag use it and evolves into a [...]

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Sharing is the New Black!

"Shareable is a nonprofit online magazine that tells the story of sharing. We cover the people, places, and projects bringing a shareable world to life. And we share how-tos so you can make a shareable world real in your life. In a shareable world, solutions like clothing swaps, childcare coops, potlucks, carsharing, community gardens, and cohousing can make your life more fun, green, and affordable. When we share, not only is a better life possible, but so is a better world. The remarkable successes of Zipcar, Wikipedia, Kiva, open source software, Freecycle, and Creative Commons show this. They tell a hopeful story about human nature and our future, one we don't hear enough in the mainstream media.

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Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains

"It’s one of the great assumptions underlying modern democracy that an informed citizenry is preferable to an uninformed one. “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1789. This notion, carried down through the years, underlies everything from humble political pamphlets to presidential debates to the very notion of a free press. Mankind may be crooked timber, as Kant put it, uniquely susceptible to ignorance and misinformation, but it’s an article of faith that knowledge is the best remedy. If people are furnished with the facts, they will be clearer thinkers and better citizens. If they are ignorant, facts will enlighten them. If they are mistaken, facts will set them straight.

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Event: How New Media Empowers Community

How Can New Media Empower Community for 2010? Wednesday, 2/3/10, 7-9pm, Santa Rosa City Council Chambers, Free. Are you curious about how social network websites, mobile devices and other forms of electronic publishing are impacting our day to day life? Well, for a taste of its think global, act local impacts, consider attending this community forum and reading the related posts.

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A Complaint Free World – Try It, You Might Like It

Do you think you could go 21 days without complaining, whining, criticising or gossiping? I am working up to it; may start this Sunday.  If you are curious, consider visiting A Complaint Free World,  or purchase this short but meaningful book at a locally owned bookstore  or reserve  it at our wonderful library. The Sonoma [...]

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Event: Wal-Mart and the Retail Revolution

January 22, 2010, 7 pm, Copperfields BookStore,  2316 Montgomery Dr., Santa Rosa Historian Nelson Lichtenstein speaking on his new book: "The Retail Revolution: How Wal-Mart Created a Brave New World of Business" Sponsored by the Sierra Club, Sonoma County Conservation Action, Living Wage Coalition Description and Reviews From The Publisher, [...]

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Preventing Jet Lag

This may sound like an odd subject for a eco blog, but in truth a great deal of time and resources get wasted because we don’t prepare for jet lag nor do much to prevent it. It affects millions of travelers every year, including politicians, diplomats, business people and tourists. [...]

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Selling Central Landfill – The Saga Continues

Here is some additional reading on the planned sale of Central Landfill and its consequences: The Bohemian -09/09/09, Sierra Club Needles - 08/09, KRCB - 03/30/09, The Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy - 03/30/09 and Sonoma West Times and News - 04/01/09...

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