Green funerals and burials have fewer environmental impacts then regular  funerals and burials. This refers to a number of options: funeral activities and transportation, embalming, donation to science, cremation or ground burial, container – none, shroud, casket or urn of natural materials, concrete use in grave, grave marker choice…

RESOURCES – These are simply resources not endorsements

Home Funerals
Final Passages,, based in Sebastopol, great resources and training for Green and Loving Family-Directed Home Funerals
Home Funeral Directory,

Green Cemeteries
So far research suggests there are only a few cemeteries in the Bay Area that offer green burials:

Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery , 707 823-7434
Pleasant Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary – green burials available – landscaping in progress,, 707 823-5042
Fernwood Cemetery, Mill Valley,

The Green Burial Council (GBC),

GBC certified services: 12 in California – None listed are in Sonoma County


Green Burials Reflect Shift To Care For The Body, Soul And Earth, By Lauren Markoe, Huffington Post, 01/26/2014
The Green Hereafter – How to leave an environmentally friendly corpse, By Nina Rastogi, Slate.Com, 2009,
AARP Funeral and Burial Planners Survey, 2007,

Additional resources welcome!