The 4-year old garden umbrella sits sadly in the corner with a tattered canopy. Not wanting to toss the perfectly functional wood frame, this morn I researched replacement covers or canopies. Avoiding the “we sell everything” sites, I found four that sell replacement canopies as well as storage covers, frames, poles, ribs and in some cases cushions for a variety of outdoor furniture. I prefer local sites so was sure to note where these business are located. The Ben1cia company lists over 100 covers by model number, manufacturer or store purchased – ie. Costco, Target, Sears, Big Lots…

Ordering a custom cover may make sense if replacing the cover of a fancy or complicated unit. I just want a plain beige cover that fits my local hardware store umbrella. To insure the best fit it is very important to identify the type – wood, metal, plastic…, measure very carefully and count the ribs. The prices are all over the place but start at $29.95 plus shipping. Sound good! Now where is that tape measure?

Garden Winds, Benicia, CA,

The Market Umbrella Shoppe, a division of Shade USA, Gilbert, AZ,

Umbrella Recovery, Auburn, WA,

Umbrella Source, a subsidiary of Online Commerce Group, LLC,

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