The film  Bag It changed my life and watching it will change yours.

It takes the plastic issue to another level – even for those of us who have studied it in depth. A well made and funny documentary, it starts with personal bag use it and evolves into a very thorough discussion of the impact of all plastics – in nature, in our lives, in our bodies and in our children’s bodies.

At least 50 experts are interviewed. In one scene an interviewee filled a single-use plastic bottle 25% with oil and stated that it is how much it crude oil – a non-renewable natural resource, it takes to make the bottle. Then he added another 15% or so for transporting it to your store. Yikes, all that for a short drink of water you can get out of your own faucet!

Fast forwarding through the film – trying to find out who I just quoted, I discover more and more relevant info. An avid collector of used exercise equipment, I was particularly alarmed by the phalate discussion. Turns out phalates and other toxic chemicals are added to the plastic to make it soft and malleable. We are surrounded by the stuff – bags, bottles, toys – think rubber duckies, balls, yoga mats, resistance tubing…

Even the film’s extras are gold. I particularly liked Marine Biologist and media personality Wallace J Nichols talking on “What If There Was No Environmental Movement?”

Consider what shape the world would be in if environmentalists did something else with their time!

Produced in 2010 by Suzan Beraza’s Reel Thing Films, Bag It has been garnering awards at film festivals across the nation. Please check with your local public television affiliate for show times. On the movie website you can purchase the film for home viewing for $25 plus $5 handling.

Stay tuned for more; still searching for the anonymous-to-me interviewee, I found additional blog topics that I will post soon:

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