Spring Biodiversity Plant Sale and Tours

Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, 9 am-5pm, Tours: Saturday – 2pm, Sunday – 10am and 2pm
Hundreds of open-pollinated, heirloom and rare varieties – all California Certified Organic – many started from our own seed collection. All have been trialed, tasted, and savored for years in our demonstration gardens and kitchen. This sale features early Spring crops such as lettuces and greens, peas, brassicas, chards, onions… Read more
Summer Biodiversity Plant Sale
May 5 & 6 – Hundreds of varieties of warm season summer crops, including tomatoes, basil, melons, lettuce… Read more…
Wise Water Management ~ A Stormwater and Roofwater Catchment Workshop
May 12, 10 am -1 pm, $35. This 3 hour site tour of our Conservation Hydrology Demonstration Projects is for all those interested in how to prevent erosion problems before they occur, turn stormwater challenges into benefits and how to safely harvest and store high quality water from your roof for potable and/or landscape use. Read more
Brain Tanning & Intro to Sewing with Buckskin – first time offered!
May 13 – 18. Originally $775, now $675 ($625 if you register 3 weeks in advance)!
Frustrated with the social and environmental costs of the globalized textile industry? Learn to make your own, from 100% renewable, organic, locally-available materials. In this hands-on intensive, professional tanner Doug “Digger” Crist teaches the traditional art of making brain-tanned or bark-tanned buckskin-a process used by indigenous cultures worldwide. Materials included. Using a variety of hand tools, materials…  Read more…