Sunday, December 18, 2011, 3pm, free
Community Bikes, 4009 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa

Come meet a world-class long-distance bicyclist and author of:

 Bicycle Touring International: The Complete Book On Adventure Cycling
Cycling The Mediterranean: Bicycle Tours In Spain, France, Italy, Greece And Beyond
The World Up Close: A Cyclist’s Adventures On Five Continents

Community Bikes is proud to present Kameel Nasr giving a talk on his world travels. Kameel has cycled in over 75 countries in his two times bicycling around the world. He is accompanied by his trustworthy bike, Angel!

The word of this generation is globalization. If you go to the big cities around the world, in Asia or Europe or South America, they’re looking more and more alike. Travel seems much less interesting if all you’re going to see are Pizza Huts and different versions of the dollar store.

But while cities are becoming the similar, the countryside maintains the country’s culture, and the only way to see that is by bicycle. That’s why bicycle touring is becoming so popular with groups, couples, and individuals traveling through America, Europe and increasingly into the developing world not just to see, but to experience.

Kameel Nasr, who has bicycled the world during the past thirty years and has written three books on bike touring, will be talking about travel as experience. He has biked on Holland’s pristine paths and East Africa’s mud trails. He has seen people’s lives changed by the bicycle touring experience. The practical aspects of touring will also be discussed, and you’ll probably get a dose of his philosophy of liberation, for nothing tastes as good as the freedom of being on the open road.

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