Whenever I am in south Sebastopol, I take few minutes to see what’s happening at The Legacy. A volunteer based arts and crafts reuse center in the Southpoint Shopping Center near McDonald’s, they accept and resell fabric – by the pound!, as well as sewing notions, yarn, hobby supplies and books. Kid friendly, it is a great way to introduce children to low cost do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. My idea of heaven! It’s also a great spot for presents – for yourself and others. Look for consignment items from local by-hand artists – unique clothing, purses, quilts and occasionally stuffed animals and dolls.

The shop is open Monday-Saturday from 10am – 4pm and Thursdays until 6pm. Donations are welcome anytime during those hours. The shopkeepers, who are warm and gracious, often need adult volunteers of any age to help sort and place incoming goods, straighten the shelves and advise shoppers. A great job for retired crafters and young artists; my mom – who is 89, would fit right in!

A program of the Sebastopol Area Senior Center, The Legacy was founded in 1995 as a result of the donation of a garage full of fabric and craft goods. I don’t know if the woman formally bequeathed the materials to the Senior Center – though the name does suggest that may be the case.

A self-proclaimed fabric fondler – I collect and enjoy fabrics but rarely get the sewing machine out. (For the record, in 2009 I created a beautiful Marie Antoinette dress for my teen out of salvaged brocade. Oops – that was 4 years ago!) Since I have many bags of fabric in the attic, I rarely allow myself to purchase fabric without an immediate purpose. Instead I have fun bringing The Legacy unwanted fabric well as items like single knitting needles, thread, buttons, balls of yarn, tissue paper and crafting odds and ends…

Wouldn’t it be great if every community had a shop like this! For more information visit the Sebastopol Area Senior Center website , visit the shop on Facebook or call 707 823-7520. Better yet – stop by for a visit: 781 Gravenstein Hwy South/ Highway 116.