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Kids: Do you think P.E. should be mandatory in schools?

By Patty James, Shine The Light On Kids – Educate, Enpower, Change… Snipped from Patty’s blog:

This was one of twenty-five questions I asked kids from all walks of life for the non-profit Shine The Light On Kids. In 2010, I traveled to 41 states covering 18,000 miles because I wanted to hear from the kids themselves what they wanted and needed to live healthier lives. The data collected was analyzed by Sonoma State University.

Here’s the answer right from the kids: 92.0% of kids said that physical education (P.E.) should be mandatory in schools. 2.3% said no, it should not be mandatory, and 5.7% said other. The ‘other’ was usually from kids who were on sports team who thought P.E. should be by choice and not mandatory if they played sports.

Kids kept telling me that if school didn’t make them exercise, they probably would not and they knew they needed to. They were also forthcoming with what worked or did not work for them.