Even if you use a debit card, autopay and on-line checks, I bet you still write a few paper checks a month.

So the next time you order checks, please consider environmentally friendly checks.  First and foremost they send a “be more environmental” message to the banking industry. They also support increased use of recycled content paper- which saves water and energy, and often use less toxic or earth friendlier inks.

Banks often charge more for checks then check printers. Even so, start this process by asking your bank. Chances are low that they have for recycled content check stock but is important to let them know  you care. A few years ago, my new bank told me I was the first person to ask .

For more then 20 years I have bought checks from the Check Gallery: “Check Gallery prints checks on recycled paper using vegetable-based ink.” The last time I checked I was surprised to find that they only use 20% post consumer content paper – which is not great but it is much better then nothing. So they need to be pushed to increase their percent or I will find another printer.

Remember, every dollar is a vote! 

If anyone wants to research additional sources, we can post them here and perhaps on Conservatree‘s website.

Check Gallery, 800 354-3540, info@checkgallery.com

Checks Super Store, 888-666-2719

Checks In The Mail, 800 733-4443