I just purchased a set of AusPen refillable whiteboard markers. The fact that I bought anything new is news – since that is such a rare occasion. But marker pens? Yes, I am quite tired of messing with old, almost dead markers and was delighted to find some that are affordable, non-toxic, refillable, made from recycled aluminum and recyclable!!!

We used them last week at the Environmental Center on the big whiteboard and they performed very well. Almost odorless, there was a slight smell of rubbing alcohol when first opened, which dissipated very quickly.

The starter kit, $69.95, includes six markers and six bottles of ink – black, blue, green, orange, red and purple. It says that it replaces 246 disposable markers. I calculate that would be 41 of each color – assuming they are used equally. This works out to 30 cents per pen. Sounds good to me as long as they don’t get lost!

Purchased individually, a pack of six markers is $29.95 and the ink is $7.95 per bottle or $47.70. You can buy a variety of colors or the specific colors you use.

All in all this appears to be a very well thought out eco-product. Even the nibs are reversible to prolong the life of the marker.

Any other users out there? It would be great to hear what you think of this product.

Eco-Smart Products is the exclusive distributor of AusPen markers. They are a North American company with offices in the US and Canada. If you were wondering where the name AusPen come from, their initial fields testing was in Australian schools.

Green Festival, San Francisco, CA, November 2010 (for some reason this was not posted in November…)