Living Green Interviews,  Environmental Event Calendars, Green Links . . .

It can be hard to get attention in this fast paced world.  With that in mind, Living Green showcases green businesses, projects and events. 

Readers are invited to nominate themselves and other worthy subjects. I reserve the right to select interviewees, submit questions and edit responses as I see fit. If numerous businesses provide the same kind of service, the info submitted may be used in a general piece or saved for future reference. Though some might consider this kind of posting a free ad, I see it as an opportunity for folks to tell us what is new, unique or unusual about what they are doing.

To some this may sound a bit over structured, but I am trying to avoid a deluge of possibly irrelevant material. Spam emails are already a pain; knock-off watches and European dating services don’t meet these specs.

Non-profits are invited to also post environmental related events on Sonoma County Conservation Council’s calendar, Originally set up by Sustainable Sonoma County, it is a moderated list. If an event does not meet the stated specs – non-profit and environmental, it will be removed promptly.

Actually, Sonoma County needs a one-stop events calendar where people can look up as well as add activities in a variety of ways – by date, by topic and by category. Yes, there are many existing lists including the PD’s, the City of Santa Rosa’s, the Tourism Bureau, and each of the Chambers but it would be great to have just one. I am hoping this list makes it easier to get the word out even if you still have to post to multiple sites.  More on this later…

Green Links are posted at the bottom of this page on the right. The list is just getting rolling. If you know of a good link or operate a green or environmental email list, please submit it.