Experts illuminate the future of lighting

Jeannie Matteucci, Special to The SF Chronicle, Sunday, July 25, 2010

When lighting designer Randall Whitehead of San Francisco set out to remodel a two-bedroom home on Potrero Hill, he knew he wanted to upgrade the lighting and make it more energy efficient. But while Whitehead wanted to be green, he had no plans to sacrifice the style and look of his home.

“I have made it my personal mission to find energy-efficient lighting that can be attractive – and dare I say it – sexy,” he says.

“All the lighting in my home has been changed to energy-efficient lighting. OK, to be totally truthful, the fridge and the oven still have incandescent lamps. I haven’t yet found a viable alternative for those two locations. I could buy a new refrigerator with LED lighting but that just isn’t in the budget at the moment.”

What Whitehead knows that most homeowners don’t is that energy-efficient lighting also can be aesthetically pleasing.

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