The folks at Paul’s Automotive, the auto repair shop at which my ailing ’98 Chevy Metro is parked, don’t know I am a professional recycler nor that I blog. When they suggested that I contact Pick-n-Pull in Windsor for a used fuel injector resistor or perhaps a whole new computer, I was delighted – for about two seconds. In truth, I am not mechanically skilled nor have I the confidence required to remove anonymous (to me) parts off a vehicle. My dad passed away in 06 and my usual partner in car repair is out of town for awhile, so I am on my own.

Time is flying and, until today, I have not made much progress – though the resistor now resides on my workbench. Metros are uncommon and their small size and specs are not cross compatible with many other vehicles. After looking at multiple web sites and making about twenty calls, I still have no local leads. I did get good advice from the folks below as well as the GM dealership.  In summary, since the real problem has not been identified, the next step may not be used auto parts but further testing. That feels like progress to me!

Resource List For Used Auto Parts In Santa Rosa Area – Additions and comments please!

Pick-n-Pull, Windsor, 657-4003. Many people’s first recommendation, Pick-n-Pull’s phone is not answered by a person. The recording simply announces services, hours and locations. That was ok with me since their web site’s simple straightforward inventory system reports vehicles by make, model year row and date on yard. I now know there are Metros in Fairfield, Oakland, Newark and San Jose – but not in Windsor. Pretty cool but no banana.

Acme Salvage, Santa Rosa, 545-9075. Acme had no Metros in stock and the fellow kindly suggested I contact (Specialized) Parts Planet in Rancho Cordova near Sacramento.

Specialized Parts Planet, 888-96PARTS or 888 967-2787. Another recording. Their easy to use web inventory system did not list these specific parts but did allow me to send a detailed email. . I later called to confirm the phone number and the fellow stated this resistor fails frequently and  recommended new parts.

You Need A Part, yesterday I listed my request on UNAP, a parts locating service which posts requests to thousands of Auto Wreckers and Salvage Yards throughout the US and Canada. Well done, the site did not feel like a front for some mega business. I have received one or two emails – but still prefer to do this locally.

Finally, I turned to the AT&T Yellow Pages. At first glance the list seemed way long but once I weeded out the 800 numbers – many of them for the Parts Planet, the list was manageable. All these folks, all of them, answered the phone and were warm and friendly. But they did not have my needed parts. When asked for other sources they readily recommended each other.  Many offered alternatives without being asked.

Acme Foreign Auto Wreckers, 546-6816
Advance Tech Towing, Windsor, 975-9690
Bob Westcott’s Auto and Truck Parts, 542-0311
Cotati Dismantling and Towing, 795-4645
Cream’s Dismantling and Scrap, 546-7553
Curtis Auto Recycling and Scrap, 588-0785
Gray’s Auto Parts & Complete Restoration, 546-5600
Smothers Parts International, 778-1044

Further advice welcome!