Zero Waste Sonoma County, League of Women Voters, Sonoma County Conservation Council and Sierra Club, Sonoma Group present

A Landfill Issues and Zero Waste Communities Workshop on

The Climate Impacts of Waste and Local Green Business

Thursday, April 29, 2010, 1-4pm, Santa Rosa City Council Chambers, Free

Waste reduction is one of California’s key strategies for reaching the greenhouse gas reduction goals mandated by AB 32, the 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act.  As soon as next year, a series of measures will be implemented that will move us toward reduced landfill methane emissions, higher recycling and zero waste – including mandatory commercial recycling. Let’s use these mandates to get ahead of the curve, to better prepare our business community, and move toward a system in which every product in the market place is repairable, reusable, compostable and/or recyclable and many jobs are green jobs!

Speaker Topic
Facilitator: Portia SinnottZero Waste Sonoma County Welcome, Introductions, Thanks to Sponsors and  Workshop Goals
Mark GagliardiCity of Oakland Zero Waste Program and

CRRA’s  Recyclers Global Warming Council

Climate Impact of Waste A: The real climate impacts of waste, AB 32 waste realities and how ZW policies and programs can mitigate these impacts better then the current paradigm.
Timonie HoodUS EPA Region 9 Climate Impact of Waste B: Will introduce the West Coast Forum on Climate Change and Materials Management and the WARM Model , touch on the Sonoma County Climate Action Plan waste aspects, and discuss how some Bay Area business are reducing their GHG waste impacts.
Mara HochmannSonoma County Green Business Program Local Business Certification: Will describe our local Green Business Program and profile a variety of local businesses that have been certified or are in the process of going green.
Mike DittmoreAgilent Technologies Large Business Model: Introduce Agilent Technologies’ local and regional materials management system, explain the importance of green jobs and Becoming Independent staff’s role in the Agilent program.
Lucien JameySunmoor Properties Inc. Medium and Small Business Models:1) Becoming Independent (BI), is Sonoma’s largest non-profit organization. Currently in the process of becoming certified as a Sonoma County Green Business, BI has gone a long way with waste reduction and on-site composting, and provides landscaping/ shredding/recycling  to other businesses including Agilent.

2) Gravenstein Station- a small Sebastopol mall with a comprehensive greening program including two restaurants which take part in the food waste program collected by North Bay Disposal and composted by Sonoma Compost.

Panel Discussion Discussion between panelists and facilitator
Whole Group Discussion Q&A Format
Next Steps and Closing

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