Best Yet Mobile Earth Day Party for Our Planet and Our Future! 

Everyone is invited to these public forums! Organized by a team lead by Council Member Veronica Jacobi.

Please Note – Due to the complexity of a mobile 35.0 hr event details are subject to change. Please check  for updates and rain details. This is a Zero Waste event – please bring your own cup, plate, silverware – and some snacks. Some food will be provided and available. Also bring a sleeping bag, pillow and pad etc if you are planning on sleeping.

8 AM Bike Ride Greenway from Pierson Bridge to Finley Center. Join us on our way to the event. Let’s meet at the front of Chops on W. 6th Street near the 6th Street Playhouse. We will head to the Greenway at 8 05 AM and arrive at Finley by 8 25 AM


8 30 AM to 12 30 AM First ever, Student Green Team Convention in Sonoma County. Co-sponsored by Students for Sustainable Communities (SRJC), Climate Protection Campaign and Alliance for Climate Education. Non students welcome as mentors or for separate complementary Green Team planning. Manzanita room. RSVP is important for this segment to Jessica Jones or (because we can move to a larger room if needed).

12 noon to 4 00 PM Food & Gardening Festival by CAP Sonoma (see companon blog post)

3 50 PM to 4 15 PM at display tables outside The Art of Climate Change Create art to display during the NOT Fossil Fools mini Parade

4 15 to 5 00 PM Safe & Green… Mini intro to Family & individual Safety training/demonstration/participation/discussion especially focused on pedestrian safety for young people, cycling, taking mass transit, and hiking.

5 00 PM We are NOT Fossil Fools Mini Parade & Bus or Bike etc. Ride (5 15 #6, arrives TM 5 25 PM) ((or 5 40 #3 Bus arrives 5 55 at Transit Mall)) to City Hall!

We will walk, cycle, scooter, roll, take the bus or carpool to get a message out to our community encouraging low fossil fuels travel?Please feel free to dress in fun and noticeable attire and display signs encouraging anything green!



Approximately 5 30 or 6 PM to 7 00 PM Safe & Green – Family & individual Safety training/demonstration/participation/discussion especially focused on walking, cycling, taking mass transit, and hiking.

7 PM to 9 30 PM Awakening The Dreamer, Changing The Dream Symposium

If you are tired of the gloom, doom and crisis you see in the news, come and learn about the “un-named movement” and a possible new way of life for the future. We guide you through an inquiry from “Where are we?” and “How did we get here?” to “What is possible for the future” and “What can we do?” Video presentation with interactive exercises, networking & discussions. Please register at Suggested donation $15 but no one turned away! , Contact Laura Baker at 707 322-7778 or with questions.)

9 30 PM to 10 00 PM Planting for Carbon Sequestration and more!

10 00 PM to 10 30 PM Eco Eating – Hope Bohanec speaking on impacts and health.

10 30 PM to Midnight – Celebrating Change – MUSIC, Open mic, inspiring presenters and/or videos? GREEN & BLUE gloves Dancing/Video filming party? (Filming is optional. Parental permission form required before filming.)

Midnight to 3 50 AM 3hr50minutes DANCE etc. PARTY  Music & Video &/OR Video filming party! Open mic, inspiring videos OR COMBO

3 50 AM to 9 AM Do it Yourself Activism or Recharge for Future Change Quiet sharing and video filming session, in case some of us want to sleep a bit, and some of us want to keep interacting.

9 to 10 AM – getting to Roseland (first CityBus #9 10 05 AM from TM arrives 10 09) or Bike etc. to Roseland Roseland segment


 10 AM  to 12 00 Green Jobs – Roseland Elementary School

12 Noon to 1 PM– TBD – Be the Change segment or maybe Safe & Green Discussion

1 to 4 PM Multi-cultural Earth Day Festivities – Roseland Elementary School

3 50 PM Earth Day Birthday Cake or treats… maybe with solar oven cook-off!

4 PM to 7 PM Be the Change!- Old Albertson’s parking lot or TBD

Share YOUR experiences, ask questions, and discuss next steps! What more CAN we do? Lots!… networking, strategizing, brief updates on local Food Forest Gardens, Sustainability/Transition projects, Energy Wise Neighbors, Graywater Reuse/Rainwater Harvesting/Conservation, Alternative Transportation, Youth Green Jobs, Solar Sonoma County and steps individuals/groups/communities are taking to reduce their carbon.

It is not required, but please let us know the hours you are attending so we can adjust snacks etc! Call 544-7651 a week in advance or email Veronica Jacobi at up to a day in advance to RSVP and for information or to volunteer to help for an hour or two.