Organized by Supervisor Efren Carrillo, lively forum attended by 300 concerned folks

From the EMF Network:

Three hundred people from all over the Bay Area attended the Smart Meter public forum hosted by Sonoma County and held in Sebastopol last night. PG&E, who was planning to send two representatives for the panel, withdrew from the forum at the last minute via text message, because people would be allowed two minutes of public comment or question. (PG&E wanted questions to be written on cards). Supervisor Efren Carillo stated he felt insulted by this and CPUC representative also stated this was unacceptable. 

Here is a video piece from Channel 2 followed by today’s Press Democrat article:

PG&E Backs Out Of Forum To Discuss Smart Meter’ Problems [Patti Lee] – Video – KTVU San Francisco

Sebastopol crowd decries PG&E\’s SmartMeters – Press Democrat, April 22, 2010