All Aboard On Earth Day – Thursday, April 22, 2010 – Ride the Bus With The City Council – in Santa Rosa And Sebastopol – Free Santa Rosa CityBus Rides All Day

Santa Rosa CityBus, 707 543-3333, Fares: $1.25 adult/$1.00 student/$.60 senior.

Sonoma County Transit, 707 576-7433, Fares: 1 Zone: $1.25 adult/$1.05 student/$.60 senior. 2 Zones: $1.80 adult/$1.55 student/$.85 senior.

The Cities of Santa Rosa and Sebastopol invite those with access to public transit to ride the bus on Earth Day – Thursday, April 22, 2010. To make these efforts more meaningful, members of both city councils will also be bussing. Perhaps you will see one of them on board – wearing their nametag and holding a clipboard saying “All Aboard On Earth Day! Take this opportunity to discuss transit and other issues with them!

In Santa Rosa CityBus will be providing free rides on all routes all day thanks to a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Transportation Fund for Clean Air. This is a great opportunity to learn how riding CityBus can markedly improve air quality while saving money.

Sebastopol Mayor Sarah Gurney, who now holds office hours on Sonoma County Transit’s bus 24, is looking forward to circling the town while talking to constituents starting at 9:45 am. Councilmember Kathleen Shaffer is organizing seniors to get on board at the Sebastopol Senior Center at 11:15 am, while Councilmember Guy Wilson is looking forward to taking the 6:59 am express bus to his downtown Santa Rosa office and then returning to Sebastopol at 9:40 am for a Budget Committee Meeting.

Santa Rosa Mayor Susan Gorin is van pooling to an ABAG – Association of Bay Area Governments, meeting in Oakland. Councilwoman Veronica Jacobi will be taking the noon bus to the DMV in Roseland. She says “I love riding the bus. I take it whenever it is too far to bike in a timely manner, and whenever I need to do a little less pedaling. Bussing to Oakland and neighboring cities on city business can be quite an adventure!  I’ve even taken the bus cross country… it is great when going with a good friend.” Marsha Vas Dupre will also be riding the bus to afternoon meetings.

This  event is being organized by Car-Lite, the LITE Initiatives team that promotes driving-less, walking, biking, carpooling and taking transit. They are the organizers of Car-Free Day, which is observed on the first Sunday of each and every month and celebrated in the Spring and Fall. If you must drive, please plan trips carefully, clump errands, carpool and pick another day or partial day to be car-free. Churchgoers, Sunday shoppers and special program attendees who can’t walk or carpool are encouraged to start their drive-less activities afterwards.