The Truth is Out On Cell Phones, Cell Towers & Wireless Devices

Offered by Melissa Weaver, B.S.  Environmental Health Consultant & Educator

Saturday, April 3, 4-6 pm or Wednesday, April 14, 7-9 pm

Concerned about Smart Meters? Worried about your teen’s cell phone usage?  You and your family’s health may depend on knowing the truth!  Learn why many parts of the world have adopted newly recommended EMF (electromagnetic field) safety standards and why recommendations for the use of land lines and hard-wired internet connections, recommending kids don’t use cell phones, and banning Wi-Fi are becoming the norm.  Learn why many cities or countries are relocating or repositioning towers for public health and safety reasons and why others are switching to faster, more reliable and secure fiber optics.  Of course, most of these countries have national health care – where governments care about the health of their citizens and their economy.  Talk will also cover easy to understand EMF basics, industry history, the media, research, health effects, environmental impacts, legalities & safety tips. There will be plenty of time set aside for Q & A’s during the last ½ hour.

$10-20 suggested donation will further ongoing EMF education. No one turned away for lack of funds!

Scent & cell phone free

Location:  Peace in Medicine Healing Center, 6771 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol, CA. 


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