A Landfill Issues and Zero Waste Communities Workshop presented by Zero Waste Sonoma County, League of Women Voters, Sonoma County Conservation Council and Sierra Club, Sonoma Group

Thursday, April 29, 1-4pm, Santa Rosa City Council Chambers, City Hall, Suite 10, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue at Sonoma Avenue

Decision makers, activists, business people and concerned citizens are all welcome to this free event.

Waste reduction is one of California’s key strategies for reaching the greenhouse gas reduction goals mandated by AB 32, the 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act.  As soon as next year, a series of measures will be implemented that will move us toward reduced landfill methane emissions, higher recycling and zero waste – including mandatory commercial recycling. Let’s use these upcoming mandates to get ahead of the curve, to better prepare our business community, and move toward a system in which every product is repairable, reusable, compostable or recyclable. At the workshop we will discuss the local application of these mandates and introduce some innovative local businesses already on their way to creating zero waste.


(Panelist Bios with links listed below)

 WELCOME: Portia Sinnott, of Zero Waste Sonoma County and the Board of the Northern California Recycling Association will introduce agenda, sponsors and panelists, and discuss workshop goals and resources.

 CLIMATE IMPACT OF WASTE A: Mark Gagliardi, City of Oakland Zero Waste Program Staff and Chair of the CRRA – California Resource Recovery Associations’, Recyclers Global Warming Council, will address the real climate impacts of waste and AB 32 Climate Plan waste realities, and discuss how Zero Waste policies and programs can mitigate these impacts better then the current paradigm.

 CLIMATE IMPACT OF WASTE B: Timonie Hood, of US EPA Region 9, will introduce the  West Coast Forum on Climate Change, Waste Prevention, Recovery and Disposal and the EPA WARM Model, touch on the waste aspects of the Sonoma County Climate Action Plan, and showcase how some Bay Area business are reducing their GHG waste impacts.

 LOCAL GREEN BUSINESS CERTIFICATION: Mara Hochmann, Sonoma County Green Business Program Coordinator, will brief us on the local Green Business Program and profile a variety of local businesses that have been certified or are in the process of going green.

 LARGE BUSINESS MODEL: Mike Dittmore of Agilent Technologies will introduce Agilent‘s local and regional materials management system, discuss the importance of green jobs, and explain how physically and/or developmentally disabled staff from non-profit Becoming Independent play important roles in the Agilent program.

MEDIUM AND SMALL BUSINESS MODELS: L ucien Jamey, of Sunmoor Properties Inc., will discuss his experiences greening commercial establishments:  Sonoma County’s largest non-profit organization, Becoming Independent, is preparing to be certified as a Sonoma County Green Business and Gravenstein Station – a small Sebastopol mall where a group of motivated tenants, including two restaurants, are reaping the benefits of waste reduction






Please join Urban Ore, Inc., and Global Materials Recovery Services

as well as a number of individuals, in being a LITE/ZWSC financial sponsor. In-kind sponsors are also welcome! 

 Funds are used for workshop development, presentations to community groups and city councils,

 and to conduct research and outreach.

 For more information, please email lite@sonic.net or call 707 579-5811.

Zero Waste Sonoma County is a program of LITE Initiatives


Panel Bios

Mark Gagliardi is with the City of Oakland, CA Public Works Agency’s Environmental Services Division.  He has over 20 years operations and administrative management experience in waste reduction and sustainability, with half a dozen cities and consultants on the right and left coasts; and with the youth development, job-training and educational non-profit East Bay Conservation Corps in Oakland.  Mark leads Oakland’s Zero Waste Sustainability Initiative, and chairs the Recyclers Global Warming Council of the California Resources Recovery Association. A semi-professional musician, Mark enjoys his daily bicycle commute, family life with his spouse and 2 pre-teen kids, and the richness of life both indoors and outdoors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Timonie Hood works for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Southwest Pacific Office on innovative zero waste and green building grant and partnership programs.  Since 2008, she has convened and facilitated the  West Coast Forum on Climate Change and Materials Management, a group of over 50 leaders from advancing actions to address climate change through reduced consumption, reuse, recycling, and composting.  She loves exploring bat caves, watermelon balls, and her work! Additional Resource that will be discussed:  EPA WARM Model – Converts Materials Management Options to GHG and energy impacts.

Mara Hochmann is the Coordinator of the Sonoma County Green Business Program. The first ever green business certification program, the program started with Auto-Related Services, Printers and Wineries, and recently expanded to include Food, Lodging and Entertainment, General/Professional Services, Organizations, Retail Services and Supplies. A Santa Rosa resident, Mara is a recent graduate of Connecticut College with BA in International Relations.

Michael Dittmore is an Environmental Health & Safety Specialist with Agilent Technologies. He has worked for Hewlett Packard and Agilent for the last 29 years at the Santa Rosa site.   He has direct oversight of the Environmental Programs at four sites in California and Washington State. Agilent’s content expert for Universal Waste, Electronic Scrap and Solid Waste, Michael sits on the Sonoma County AB939 Local Task Force and is a member of the Santa Rosa Chamber Commerce Environmental Committee.

Lucien Jamey, Founder and CEO of Sunmoor Properties, Inc, is a Real Estate Broker and California Certified Residential Manager. Specially created in 2008, Sunmoor provides professional management services with a strong emphasis on green practice. We believe that residential and commercial buildings need higher sustainability – not only to comply with new legal standards, but to attract qualified tenants and to remain competitive. Lucien has been working as a sustainability consultant with Becoming Independent (BI), Sonoma’s largest non-profit organization.  Currently in the process of becoming certified as a Sonoma County Green Business, BI has gone a long way with waste reduction and on-site composting, and provides landscaping/shredding/recycling  to other businesses including Agilent. At Gravenstein Station, a small boutique-sized mall with 15+ businesses, Lucien implemented a comprehensive greening program which includes two restaurants that are now composting their food waste.

Portia Sinnott is the Executive Director and Founder of LITE Initiatives, the parent organization of Zero Waste Sonoma County, Car-Lite, Living Green and Community Bikes. A long-term member of the Sonoma County Local Task Force for Solid Waste, Portia serves as Vice Chair, and Chair of the Membership and Zero Waste Subcommittee. Also self-employed, she has provided zero waste and recycling program assistance to municipalities and businesses in the US and Europe since 1983.  Co-author of “Solid Waste In Our World Cities”, a 2010 UN Habitat Program book developed in the Netherlands, she also writes for Resource Recycling Magazine.  Portia recently rejoined the Board of Directors of the Northern California Recycling Association. In the 1980’s, she was on the NCRA Board for ten years and president for six years.


For more information, please email lite@sonic.net or call 707 579-5811.
Zero Waste Sonoma County is a program of LITE Initiatives