Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 11am

Supervisor’s Chambers, Sonoma County Administration Building
575 Administration Drive, Room 102A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403-2823

What you can do:

* Write a quick letter to each of the Supervisors at the address above or send each an email. It can be as short as one line with your name and address: Please vote no on the Landfill Divestiture. Their email addresses can be found below or at http://supervisors.sonoma-county.org/.
1st District, Valerie Brown, vbrown@sonoma-county.org
2nd District, Mike Kerns,mkerns@sonoma-county.org
3rd District, Shirlee Zane,szane@sonoma-county.org
4th District, Paul Kelley, pkelley@sonoma-county.org
5th District, Efren Carrillo,ecarrillo@sonoma-county.org
* Please thank Supervisor Shirlee Zane for going against the tide and saying repeatedly that she has issues with the sale.
* Let your mayor and each of your City Council members know your opinion and ask them to attend the meeting and speak up. Each city website can be found at www.sonoma-county.org/sites/.
* If  you can, please attend this important meeting and express your opinion via a short note pinned to your lapel that can be seen at a distance.
* Ask your friends, neighbors  and coworkers to contact their city council.  Invite the ones who are free at that time to attend the meeting.
* If you are willing, make a sign and post it in your yard or on your vehicle or bike.
* Post a comment here!

It is important that a large crowd show up. Be prepared to stay for awhile. If one supervisor is unwilling to affirm the consent calendar item, it will be pulled off for further discussion during the regular agenda.

For more information about this topic please click on Zero Waste category list at the far bottom right of this page and visit www.sonoma-county.org/tpw/documents.htm

Here is the agenda item as posted on the BOS Agenda web page,  www.sonoma-county.org/board/agenda.htm#agendatop

Ordinance authorizing the Purchase and Sale Agreement between the County and Republic Services of Sonoma Inc., (“Republic”) whereby the County will: (a) sell the Central Landfill, Central Transfer Station, Annapolis Transfer Station and Sonoma Transfer Station to Republic; (b) enter into a 75 year lease with Republic for the Healdsburg and Guerneville Transfer Stations; (c) commit its solid waste to Republic for a 20 year term upon the close of escrow provided Republic is able to obtain the necessary permits to resume disposal operations at the Central Landfill; and (d) enter into a short term operations and disposal agreement with Republic for Republic to operate the Solid Waste Assets during the escrow period, and if escrow does not close, such operations agreement to continue for up to 3 years beyond the time it is known that divestiture will not occur.