A big fan of reuseable metal water bottles, I always wondered about aluminum bottles in general and SIGG bottles in particular – since I have had quite a few of them.  

Last month, SIGG Switzerland CEO Steve Wasik announced SIGG bottles sold before August 2008 have water-based epoxy liners containing trace amounts of BPA. If you have SIGG metal water bottle with a brown liner, please consider exchanging it where you purchased it or mail it directly to SIGG before Halloween.  The announcement below explains the whys and the hows of the program. I am posting what I know now and will return later with more local details.

Sigg Exchange Program ends October 31, 2009

www.mysigg.com/bulletin/ and  www.mysigg.com/bulletin/exchange_program.html


Download the following shipping documents and box up your bottles with the former liner. 

Download the USA Shipping Label Here.

2) USA Return Form – please fill this out completely and place it inside the box.

Download the Return Form.

Please note that you will need to pay to ship your bottles inbound to SIGG for replacement as this is a voluntary program – not a recall.

You may keep the tops/caps of your current bottles as they will serve as handy extras when you choose your replacement bottles.

SIGG is not offering refunds. This exchange offer is available through October 31, 2009.

After your bottles are received at our warehouse, you will be contacted directly with regard to your replacements. SIGG changes its bottle designs every year, so exact replacements are not always possible.




Some retailers will accept SIGG bottle exchanges if you purchased your SIGG bottle directly from one of their stores. Some retailers may require proof of purchase. Exchange policies vary by retailer.

Please contact them directly to be sure they are participating in the exchange program. Their participation may vary daily based on their resource capabilities and stock level of new EcoCare lined SIGG bottles.

Please bear in mind, this is a voluntary SIGG exchange program. SIGG will not support requests for refunds. SIGG will not support requests for exchange to competitive products.

Thank you.

OPTION – EXCHANGE YOUR SIGG WHERE YOU BOUGHT IT:By sending your SIGG bottle directly to us at SIGG, you will be able to select your new bottle from our complete assortment of bottle designs. However, if you prefer, you can also make the exchange at many of your local SIGG retailers.1) USA Shipping Label – please place this on the outside of the box:


(USA) – If you are concerned about your bottles with our former liner, SIGG is happy to offer a voluntary exchange program.Bottles containing our former liner can be exchanged for SIGG bottles utilizing the BPA-free EcoCare liner.First, determine which liner you have. You can see pictures here – http://mysigg.com/liner

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