Quicker and Cheaper then UPS, The U.S. Mail and Fed Ex!pedi-pushers-basket_485x600

Here is the First Living Green Business Profile. It was written in most part by Eric Rogers, the owner of Pedi-Pushers, who kindly responded to my questions via email.  His contact info and other resources are listed at the end. 

Pedi-Pushers is a new Santa Rosa company providing both package and passenger transport via bicycles. Whether you have a package that you need to get from here to there, or you want to go from here to there, we can do that for you. Our fleet is “100% Zero Emissions” and our bikes range in size and style so as to accommodate your specific needs.

Our objective is to provide an alternative mode of transportation and logistics to Santa Rosa. We do not use fossil fuel or electric motors of any kind, and we’re investigating practical and reliable lights and sound systems powered by the sun or by the bikes themselves.

In addition to helping reduce our customer’s carbon footprint, we’re saving them money! We did our research and our math, and it appears that we can do for Santa Rosa within a couple of hours what UPS, The U.S. Mail, Fed Ex and all those guys can’t get delivered until tomorrow – and we do it cheaper. As long as it fits in our messenger’s bag and weighs less than 20 pounds, a downtown-to-downtown delivery is only $10. Less if you set up an account with us and more for larger loads . There is a description of our zones and rates on our website. By using a bike messenger you remove one car from the growing traffic problem in our growing city, and any time after like 10AM my bike gets your stuff there faster their truck or van. You don’t get billed for parking, etc…. There are just too many benefits to mention them all in this short interview.

Insurance and licensing were both difficult processes, but educating the public will be more of a challenge. Some people have never heard of bicycle couriers. One person thought I meant that I was delivering bicycles on my bike; which we can do by the way. Equipment maintenance is a challenge too.

Community Bikes has been a great resource for us. They always find time for us. Advice, encouragement, cheap parts, unique old parts and a classic old pedicab that we got from them for a more than reasonable donation. Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is always great too. They let us (and you too) park our bikes at the Wednesday Night Market and talk us up when people comment on our bikes. Also, both of those organizations “advocate hard core” for the entire cycling community.


707 799-PEDI (7334) or eric@pedipushers.comwww.pedipushers.com
Santa Rosa
Package delivery: 8am-6pm, Monday – Friday, or by appointment
Bike taxi services: 10am-til the bars close, 7 days per week
Tours: By appointment
Richshaw Rudy’s
707 838-9922, rickshawrudys@yahoo.com , www.rickshawrudys.com
Windsor/ Airport Area, Healdsburg and Downtown Santa Rosa
Special events, downtown tours, bachelorette/bachelor nights on the town, private parties and weddings
Visit the website to see their schedule; also available on non-scheduled days by reservation
Pedal Express