In May, AT&T dropped a double set of the Real Yellow Pages at my door – a slightly smaller set then usual with business, residential and governmental listings and the promised yellow ads, plus a 9-inch yellow pages only book. A few weeks later Valley Yellow Pages tried to deliver their tome, but I serendipitously caught the poor fellows on arrival and told them I didn’t want one nor did my 13 neighbors. Abashed, the driver signaled his associates and left. Just last week the same fellows returned and again I warned them off. Guess what I found at my door hours later? An unwanted VP phone book!
Though I understand the idea – competition helps keep advertising prices down, I object to the on-going assumption that we all want phone books and the more the merrier. I was going to call for someone, anyone to please start a no phone book registry like the Do Not Call Registry, but it turns out that at a number of groups, including those listed below, are working on this issue.
Unfortunately, their missions are not congruent and it is not readily clear what is the current status. If one succeeded, wouldn’t the others announce it on their web site? The Yellow Pages Association web site,, was no help.

But first some local good news! Valley Yellow Pages does allow you to opt out of their printed directory. Visit and select Directories. Complete the form, say “no” to advertising, and “none” to business name and type. At the bottom of the page select “yes” to opt out.

 Groups Working Toward Phone Book Reduction, July 09 challenges the Yellow Pages Association to move to a strictly on-demand system of printing directories.

 The Yellow Pages Do Not Deliver Registry,, allows consumers to opt out of Yellow Page delivery., is working to educate consumers and eliminate the unsolicited delivery of Yellow and White Pages books.





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